8/11/14 Back to the Grind

So back to the usual grind.  Today, in kickboxing, I was filled with a lot of energy for some reason.  I felt like I can do a lot more after class.  It was still really tough but right after class, I wanted more!  

We did a lot of fast punching and kicking on the bags.  We then partnered up to do something I really enjoy, the boppers.  The boppers are used for you to duck, high jump, do crescent kicks, and blocks.  It’s a whole body workout and I love every minute of it!  We then did something I used to not like, the plank on top of the shields with kicks and hammers.  I got a little stronger and it’s not as difficult as it was before!

When Kenpo came around, I started to feel the fatigue.  We did a lot of balance exercises which really helped.  I need it for a lot of kicking for TKD.  I learned another technique, I learned a new back choke escape which is more aggressive than my first.  I actually have to move toward my attacker and trap their hands.  I polished up my new Outside punch technique for purple belt as well as my Ping-Te 4 technique.

Tomorrow, I am gonna meditate and relax before heading into Tae Kwon Do so that I will perform my best.